Just your regular dour work a day guy who's trying to try to make something out of this life besides paying bills and going off the deep end once in awhile.Want to find healthy outlet for energy(besides yoga which I didnt really like).I am pretty sincere and creative left-handed.I'm not going to pose here and say I know everything about myself besides what would be the point .That'd be kinda narcissistic anyway.I believe the point of this site is to find some one who you think you may like and make contact rather than endless window shopping through hundreds of profiles(I've tried that and your eyes get dry).Also,all of what people say starts to read the same and its really hard to tell much because,as i've sai d in a rare wise moment"people are multi-faceted".Otherwise if you don't believe me then just go down to your local grocery store and start looking for love there.I've had some reasonable measure of failure with this stuff (including an internet dating fraud victim). Just goes to show that either I don't give up easy or just don't know when to quit.Obviously as I look back on what I've written so far I'm not afraid to laugh at myself(nor is anyone else) and if I was then I would just start crying.Nobody likes a crybaby at 35.esp..I prolly lost most of you but for those of you left you are in for a treat.No not really.Maybe one or two more laughs at best.I have a decent car. I'm not afraid to drive it to come to your area or house(you can't come to mine)and sure I will spend a few ducketts on you just to tolerate my company and to forget momentarily the affliction that is the 'human condition'.Well, I can tell you right now I won't be filling out the next segment below


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